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What makes a really freakin good website? One that...

  • Has a simple design that is easy to follow and pleasing to the eye
  • Tells your reader exactly what they need to hear as soon as they land on the page
  • Is written from the perspective of what your reader needs, not from the perspective of what you do
  • Guides your reader to do exactly what you want them to do
  • Gives proof that you're the right person to help them



For service providers looking to have a money-generating website,

not just a fancy online brochure


Starting at $2500

(+ $39/m managed hosting fee)

Price is in USD, turnaround time is 4 weeks


CLICK HERE to see a website

CLICK HERE to see another website

Already have a website,

but know it could be better?

Writing for your own business seems like it should be easy. I mean, you know what you do best after all. But when you sit down to write your own web copy, this perplexing thing seems to happen to you... All your smarts and years of expertise seem to drain from your brain in less than a minute.

"Like, do I even KNOW WHAT I DO?" If you've ever had this frustrating thought, relief is on its way.

Writing about what you do - in a succinct, appealing, and easy-to-understand way - is a completely overwhelming task. It's hard to step away from what you do to actually be able to write about it. And then figuring out layout & design, which web builder is best, and how to host your site just makes it seem all the more daunting.

This all-in-one website package includes all three elements: copywriting, design, and hosting. I work closely with a web developer, and together, we build you a website that is designed to attract visitors, keep them interested, and make you money. Not just be a pretty brochure.

What's included:

  • 1-hour interview where we dive deep into what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it. On this call I gather everything I need to write your copy
  • Pre-designed website template that's optimized for conversions & sales (built on WordPress)
  • Four pages of website copy & design (Home, About, Services, Contact)
  • One round of edits with follow-up call to go through website before you launch (minor edits can be requested up to a month after launch)

BONUS: a 'quick links' webpage of all your best stuff for you to use as your bio link on your LI & IG profile

"I just talked, and she took my comments from that conversation and arranged them on my website and in my emails."

"Vicky is a true wordsmith. She took my thoughts and ideas, then crafted them into the message I wanted to say but was unable to put down onto paper. What I found so amazing was that I just talked, and Vicky took all my comments from a conversation then arranged them beautifully for my website and client emails."

Rick Harris, Business Coach for Contractors, Workboot Consulting

Hey you, service provider in X industry, wanna book more sales calls?

If you're an online service provider, you may not really need a full website.

If you offer *one* service to *one* target audience, but that service is customizable to the needs of each client, then you need a landing page that's simple, specific, and damn effective at explaining why you're the service provider that someone should choose.

If you close most of your sales from discovery calls, then booking more calls means closing more sales.

I'm talking to the insurance brokers, bookkeepers, real estate agents, coaches, nutritionists, and [insert your service here].

With one really well-written and appealing landing page that calls out your target audience and makes YOU the obvious choice in your industry, you'll be all set.



For service providers looking to book more calls

for a specific signature service


1st landing page $550

2nd landing page $400

3rd landing page $250

(+ $18/m managed hosting fee)

Price is in USD, turnaround time is 2 weeks

CLICK HERE to see an example of a landing page

CLICK HERE to see another example of a landing page

Landing pages are all the rage, because they focus on promoting one thing. And one thing only.

A landing page has one purpose. One call-to-action. And as a service provider, your main call-to-action is usually to 'book a call'. But book a call for what? A landing page spells it out loud and clear why someone should book a call with you.

If you're looking to book more discovery and sales calls,  you need a designated landing page that speaks directly to your signature service, and explains to someone exactly why they should book a call with you.

What's included:

  • 1-hour interview where we dive deep into what your signature service is and who it's for. On this call I gather everything I need to write your copy.
  • Pre-designed template that's optimized so you book more calls (built on WordPress)
  • Landing page copy that speaks directly to your audience client, spells out exactly how you can help them, and gets them excited to book a call
  • One round of edits with recorded video walkthrough of the final version
  • Minor edits can be requested up to a month after launch
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Vicky Snyder is on a mission to create connection between business owners and the people they look the serve. She does this through weaving stories into marketing messages that leave readers feeling understood and seen. This type of connection leads to more sales for business owners, better results for clients, and a deeper impact on community as a whole. Vicky has lived the past 4 years on Roatan, and island in the Caribbean. She admittedly sometimes misses the cold Canadian winters.


21 Ways To Boost Website Conversions

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