Let's Create Some Connection in Your Sales Strategy

There’s one thing that every entrepreneur should have been forewarned about before they started this online journey…


>>> The amount of copy they’ll need to write.

And while up until now the motto “done is better than perfect” has helped you promote your services and share your offers…

The time has come for you to up-level things.

To want to actually strive for something a little closer to perfection.

To have your copy to be so incredibly on-point that your readers can’t help but relate to how palpable your messaging is, smile at how attractive your personality is, and nod their head at how your offers feel unequivocally created just for them.

Marketing your business online has never been more accessible than it is today.

And this is great news!

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There are any number of ways you can connect with your people, but some ways are more tried, tested, and true than others.

Whatever marketing vehicle you choose, it all comes down to...

> >  creating a connection and a lasting impression.

Your messaging needs to resonate. Your services need to solve real, pervasive problems. Your personality needs to connect.

Showing up just as a "professional in the field" doesn't cut it anymore. You have to also show up as yourself... over and over again.

It takes at least 7 times of showing up in someone's world for them to really start noticing you.

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So my question to you is, how do you want to show up?

Capture Attention


A Homepage that crystal clearly spells out what you do. An About Me page that speaks directly to your reader. A Services page that's so specific your ideal clients can determine which one is best for them. A Contact Form that's designed for a streamlined inquiry process, so your discovery calls become sales calls.

Show Up Consistently


Your website does the heavy lifting, but once someone leaves your site, you're forgotten. Whether or not they needed your service, people need time to process. So unless you keep popping up in their world, you'll be forgotten forever. Keep showing up in social channels and in emails, connecting with a healthy combo of personal + professional.

Create a Customer Journey


Move your reader from website scroller to email subscriber seamlessly and with almost no effort. A funnel gently, but clearly guides someone from one step in your customer journey to the next.

Scroller > Subscriber.  Subscriber > Fan. Fan > Customer.

With that in mind, where'd you like to start?

Become More Visible

Website Copy & Design

< $2500

Book More Calls

Landing Page Copy & Design

< $550

Grow Your Audience

Lead Generation Funnel

< $1000

Stay Top Of Mind

Content Marketing

< $400/ month

Sell Your Offer

Sales Funnel

< $2000

Stay In Touch

Email Marketing

$450/ month

Build Your Email List

Lead Generation Training


Start Small

Snack-Sized Copy Projects

< $200

Create a Foundation

Critical Strategy Pieces

< $200

* Please note. all prices are in USD

Not sure what you need most?

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Vicky Snyder is on a mission to create connection between business owners and the people they look the serve. She does this through weaving stories into marketing messages that leave readers feeling understood and seen. This type of connection leads to more sales for business owners, better results for clients, and a deeper impact on community as a whole. Vicky has lived the past 4 years on Roatan, and island in the Caribbean. She admittedly sometimes misses the cold Canadian winters.


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