You just need a nudge in the right direction.

Mini Offers & Snack-Sized Strategy Pieces

You already have a website, a sales process, and an offer.


>>> But something isn't quite right and you're not sure what it is.

There's one section of your online presence that isn't hitting the mark the way you know it should be.

And you're ready to figure out what it is.

Have you said any of the lines to yourself before?

"I can't write about myself"

"I'm having trouble with my core messaging"

"I'm terrible at collecting testimonials"

"I'm not sure how I can improve my website"

"Something's wrong with my offer, but I don't know what"

These are common concerns I hear from business owners during discovery calls and in casual conversations at networking events.

If you like the idea of working with a copywriter to help you put into words what you *actually do*, but are a bit lost at where to start...

Start with one of these snack-sized copy projects and get a taste for the process.

"She is easy to talk to, work with and writes impactful copy."

"In my role with Clevely Web Co., I always recommend Vicky to my clients who need help with their landing pages and sales pages, because I love her creative style of writing and organic approach to extracting content from my clients that feels on brand."

Angela Kafadar, Marketing & Content Strategist, Clevely Web Co.
"I can't write about myself"


Your 'About Me' section is where your personality meets your professionalism. It's the time to show off your expertise in a way that's succinct and fun to read. It's in this section that you get a chance to connect with your reader and show them why you're the right one to help them.


  • 45-min interview
  • a short, professional bio that succinctly summarizes your who you are, what you do, and what’s makes you different
  • a longer, more laid back bio that mixes in more of your personality and interests
  • a tagline you can use for your LI & IG bios

$200 USD

"I'm having trouble explaining what I do"


You can’t shake the feeling that no matter what you say, you end up sounding like every other person who does what you do. And when you think about everything you want to say, nobody really seems to get it, and your thoughts sound more like a confusing, jumbled-up mess.


  • 45-min interview
  • Everything in the 'About Me' mini offer
  • Market research and core messaging that gives your people that “OMG it’s like you’re in my head!!” feeling
  • Personalized definitions of your core values and what they look like in action

$400 USD

"I'm terrible at collecting testimonials"


You know your clients love the work you do for them, but you're terrible at asking for, collecting, and publishing testimonials. Asking for them makes your feel uncomfortable, and when you get them, they're vague and don't effectively showcase the value of working with you.


  • 45-min interview
  • a professionally crafted email sent to up to 20 past clients asking targeted questions about how you helped them achieve a result
  • one round of follow-ups
  • up to 10 collected and curated testimonials from past clients delivered in a Google doc

$300 USD

"How can I improve my website?


You made your website as best you could, but you know it could be so much better if you had a second set of eyes looking at it through a marketing lens. Someone who could share with you basic marketing principles and offer improvements that you could implement easily and immediately.


  • 45-min live audit review covering messaging, presentation, user experience, and offer structure
  • a Google doc with all suggestions written in the form of a checklist
  • a 20-min video recording summarizing most important suggestions

$200 USD

"Why isn't my offer selling?"


You have an offer, but no one's buying it. You scratch your heading wondering WHY, because you know it's a good offer and that it could help a lot of people. So what gives? Either no one needs it, they don't know they need it, they know they need it but they can't justify spending money on it, or they don't know it exists. Which one is it for you? Let's find out and fix it!


  • 45-min interview to dive into your offer and dissect why it's not working 
  • a Google doc that summarizes our findings and includes suggestions based on market research that will make your offer more appealing & relevant

$200 USD

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Vicky Snyder is on a mission to create connection between business owners and the people they look the serve. She does this through weaving stories into marketing messages that leave readers feeling understood and seen. This type of connection leads to more sales for business owners, better results for clients, and a deeper impact on community as a whole. Vicky has lived the past 4 years on Roatan, and island in the Caribbean. She admittedly sometimes misses the cold Canadian winters.


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