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Successful content marketing generates brand awareness, builds credibility, and educates your audience.

But the biggest challenge with creating content that generates leads, is finding ideas for new content, staying consistent with publishing content, and creating content that receives high levels of online engagement.



For service providers who understand it takes time to warm up leads,

and who want a marketing strategy that is effective, consistent, and automated


Lettuce, Tomato & Onion w/ Italian Vinaigrette
$450/ m (in USD)

  • 1 newsletter written, designed & published
  • 1 long form blog post w/ keyword research
  • 2 social posts featuring blog content

Strawberry, Goat Cheese & Candied Pecans
w/ Roasted Garlic Balsamic Dressing
$700/ m (in USD)

  • 1 newsletter written, designed & published
  • 2 long form blog posts w/ keyword research
  • 4 social posts featuring blog content

You know you need to publish content. But not just any content. Content that answers questions your audience is asking, positions you as an authority in your field, and frankly... is enjoyable to read (that last part is most important).

How many times have you gone to someone's blog page, and not one of the blogs was something you wanted to read. This happens to me a lot, and it's a wasted opportunity.

The best kind of content marketing is done with intention and purpose. When content is published as part of a broader marketing strategy, only then

What's included:

  • a 45-min kick-off call once a month to decide on material to be included in that month's newsletter and blog(s)
  • a newsletter that is written, designed & published with content that your audience will find valuable & interesting
  • blogs that are written with relevant keywords whose purpose is to build your authority
  • social media posts that draw attention to the blog post and encourage people to engage with your content
"She got our story on paper in a way I never could have"

"Working with Vicky was smooth sailing. She was able to get our story on paper in a way that I could never have thought up. We worked with her on our lead generation system and had her set up our email subscription automations. She was patient with us throughout the process and came in very reasonably priced."

Adam Johnson, Owner, E2 Renovations

73% of newly-generated leads aren’t ready to buy

But that doesn’t mean you should leave them out in the cold! Warm them up with storytelling sequences that spark curiosity, inspire quick action and keep them moving through your funnel.




For service providers looking to consistently

nurture their leads through

engaging, informative, and

story-based emails


$450/ m (in USD)

I'd like you to think of a business owner who sends emails that you actually like receiving. And then I'd like you to think about why you like receiving them. The answer is likely because the emails bring something positive to your life. This is how email marketing is best used. Not first to sell, but to build a genuine relationship (the selling naturally follows).

What are some of the best ways to engage through email? Tell anecdotes from your life as they relate to your business learnings. Spread the love and share the goods on topics that could help you reader in anyway. Small wins matter in emails. Soft sell your services by relating them back to your email content, in a way that feels good and natural to you.

Email is a long-term game. On average, it takes someone 7x of engaging with your content before they start to notice you. The key with email is consistency. Once a week is average if you're looking to stay top of mind in a way that's casual but effective.

What's included:

  • 1-hour kick-off every month to decide on email topics and calls-to-action
  • 4 emails written & scheduled
  • 1 round of edits
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Vicky Snyder is on a mission to create connection between business owners and the people they look the serve. She does this through weaving stories into marketing messages that leave readers feeling understood and seen. This type of connection leads to more sales for business owners, better results for clients, and a deeper impact on community as a whole. Vicky has lived the past 4 years on Roatan, and island in the Caribbean. She admittedly sometimes misses the cold Canadian winters.


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