Lead & Sales Funnels

From Scroller to Subscriber

A lead generation funnel is the easiest way to move someone off your website and onto your email list.



For service providers who want to capture leads from their website

and welcome them into their world through an automated email sequence


Lead Magnet & Welcome Sequence

  • a written & designed lead magnet
  • 5 emails written, uploaded and automated

Welcome Sequence only

  • 4 emails written, uploaded and automated

Prices are in USD

On average, someone will bounce off your site in less than a minute, without any plan to return. And this is totally OK if...

You've properly planned for this to happen by having a lead generation funnel in place that naturally moves someone from your website to your email list. And just like that, you my friend, are now on your way to a building solid digital marketing strategy positioned around nurturing your audience and priming them for your offers.

What's included:

  • a 45-min kick-off call to discuss what your lead magnet will be
  • a written and designed lead magnet that quickly solves an important problem your ideal people usually have (ie. a quiz, a checklist, a series of journal prompts, an exercise, an e-book, etc.)
  • a 1-hr interview so I can gather all the juicy goodness I need to write your welcome sequence
  • Five emails that deliver your lead magnet, share your founder’s story, and show your audience exactly what you’re about (without winding up to a sales pitch)
  • Conversational and engaging writing tactics that will help your audience trust and interact with you... and dare I say even look forward to hearing from you (yes, it's possible)
  • Full sequence uploaded into an email marketing software with opt-in form created

Your sales page will make or break your launch.

  • It's the *final* thing your prospect sees before they make their decision to buy… or not to buy.
  • It's the one asset that can transport a cold reader who knows nothing about you or your program, into an eager beaver who's all of a sudden punching in their cc#/exp on your order form.
  • It's the first (and last!) impression that needs to perfectly communicate all your hours of hard work into one single document
  • It's the golden ticket that funds all other assets of your launch - the emails, webinars, social posts, etc.

Sell Your Offer With a Sales Funnel


For service providers looking to sell a course,

a group program or a high-ticket offer


Sales Funnel
$4000 USD

  • long-form sales page (written & designed)
  • 7 sales emails (pre-launch, launch & close cart)
  • 7 social posts

Sales Page only
$2000 USD

  • long-form sales page (written & designed)


CLICK HERE to see a sales page

CLICK HERE to see another sales page

Your audience won’t give your offer the love it deserves, if it’s not matched with the right copy to represent it.

You’re here because you need conversion sales page copy done right. Copy that’s crafted specifically for your unique offer, your unique clients, and all written in your unique voice.

Sales pages are the lifeblood of every launch, and a top-notch one is the success foundation for the rest of your launch assets. Your biggest ROI happens directly from the sales page. All other deliverables are based off of this core asset.

What's included:

  • 1-hour kick-off call to review our goals and project plans, allowing me to channel your voice, learn your stories, and get clear on your messaging
  • After all the planning, strategizing, writing and designing, you’ll receive a Canva doc with your sales page fully written and designed. I'll include a video walkthrough so you can understand my thought process behind the design. Here's where you suggest any edits you'd like made.
  • Once your page is live online, send me the link to get my eyes on the finalized page so I can make sure everything is optimized as best as possible!
  • I'll then take your sales page copy and break it down into a 7-part conversational email sequence designed to warm your audience up to your offer, telling them all the juicy details and why now is the time to sign up.
  • You'll get 7 social posts written and designed for you to upload and share to your feed.
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Vicky Snyder is on a mission to create connection between business owners and the people they look the serve. She does this through weaving stories into marketing messages that leave readers feeling understood and seen. This type of connection leads to more sales for business owners, better results for clients, and a deeper impact on community as a whole. Vicky has lived the past 4 years on Roatan, and island in the Caribbean. She admittedly sometimes misses the cold Canadian winters.


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