Make Building Relationships
Your Marketing Strategy.

When your sales strategy becomes about creating real connection,
it also becomes more fun, less effort, and oodles more effective.

Wanna connect with your people and sign more clients?

Then let's get the chemicals outta your copy!

You have chemicals in your copy if...

  • Your audience isn't buying from you
  • Your sales strategy isn't really a strategy
  • Your marketing efforts are falling flat
  • You get confused about how to show up online
  • You don't have a clear customer journey
  • You know something isn't working, but you're not quite sure what.
Hey, I'm Vicky. (1)
Chemical-free copy nudges your reader to do the thing they actually wanted to do anyway.

So, what do you want your reader to do?

Follow you on social
Listen to a podcast episode
Watch a YouTube video

Reply to your email
Answer a question
Share a story

Book a call
Buy your product
Join your membership

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An effective sales strategy weaves all 3 kinds of copy together.
On your website, in your emails, and in your social posts.
Capture Attention


A Homepage that crystal clearly spells out what you do. An About Me page that speaks directly to your reader. A Services page that's so specific your ideal clients can determine which one is best for them. A Contact Form that's designed for a streamlined inquiry process, so your discovery calls become sales calls.

Show Up Consistently


Your website does the heavy lifting, but once someone leaves your site, you're forgotten. Whether or not they needed your service, people need time to process. So unless you keep popping up in their world, you'll be forgotten forever. Keep showing up in social channels and in emails, connecting with a healthy combo of personal + professional.

Create a Customer Journey


Move your reader from website scroller to email subscriber seamlessly and with almost no effort. A funnel gently, but clearly guides someone from one step in your customer journey to the next.

Scroller > Subscriber.  Subscriber > Fan. Fan > Customer.

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Hey, I'm Vicky.

And I believe everything tastes better with a little lime zest.

My dream job was to write legislation that would promote socio-economic justice. I wanted to use sound research to create policy that would change the world. But I quickly learned this would not be possible inside of government.
What I did learn?
How to transform abstract concepts and complicated research findings into easy-flowing, straight-to-the-point briefing notes read by officials who had to make fast yet important decisions based on my suggestions.
Stressful? Yes.
But it made me damn effective at researching all kinds of subject matter, understanding how a community felt under certain circumstances, and how to capture the essence of the problem in a way that would inspire action.

So, dear reader, instead of using this super power inside of government where I could barely move the dial, I do it through YOU.
You, the creator, who is also in business to make people's lives better. To offer them a way to live simpler, healthier, and with more peace and joy. By helping you connect on a deeper level with you audience, I'm living out my mission to change the world.


Let's Create Some Chemical-Free Copy Shall We?

(and do it using a home-cooked meal analogy)


Picking a Recipe

What do you want to accomplish? During the kick-off call, we'll establish what kind of copy will help you achieve your goal.


Gathering the Ingredients

Who is your audience and what do they want? It's time to dig deep into their minds (and online hangout spots) to learn how to speak directly to them.


Cooking Time

Time to get messy! This is when I bury myself in the kitchen, blend all the ingredients,  and whip up your chemical-free copy. Stay tuned.


Taste Test

Is there enough salt? Does it need a lil' lime zest? Now's the time to give me your feedback. Send me your questions, suggestions, and edits.


Let's Eat

It's time to set the table and serve up this dish! Let's hit "Publish" on your copy and start monitoring the results.


Clean Up

Let's look at # of visitors, # of opens, and other conversion metrics to understand if other's enjoyed the meal as much as we did.

We work together in


to achieve our shared goal

Expectations, needs & deliverables are


before any project begins

Deadlines, capacity & boundaries are


throughout the entire project


In a nutshell,
Hiring a copywriter is about welcoming someone onto your team whose sole objective is to help you create a more seamless and low-energy sales process. This can be achieved in so so so many ways, but which one is the best way for you?

What do reading chemical-free copy and eating a vibrantly colourful, flavour-filled salad have in common?

They both leave your feeling lighter, energized, and better equipped to conquer the day.

Let me explain...

Since owning a salad bar, I've become obsessed with making standing ovation-worthy salads. I live for the phrase, "WOW! I had no idea a salad could taste this good."
I've adopted the same level of obsession with writing copy.
And I've since realized that the way I approach one is the way I approach the other. And the end result from one is also the same end result I want to achieve with the other.
Deciding which herbs & spices I could pair together to create unexpected flavour bombs is always the funnest part. But every salad must also be hearty enough - with enough substance - to be considered a whole meal. After eating this kind of salad, you feel lighter, more energized, more alert, and dare I say more powerful.
Writing copy has turned out to be no different. The foundation of great copy is the same as the foundation of an epic salad. It requires essential ingredients to make it memorable, and the end result feels the same as you would after eating one of my salads. But in between the foundational ingredients and the end result, there's so much space to pepper in your own flair, funk + special sauce.

Lime zest anyone?

"She makes this daunting task super easy!"

"By listening and asking the right questions, Vicky wrote all my content completely sounding as if I had written it myself. I was so impressed by her attention to detail and meeting my tight deadlines, that I knew I had hired the right professional. I see so much value in what she does, that she's become an asset to my business. I am just so truly thankful I found her."

Linda Walters, Mortgage Broker, Your Mortgage GPS
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Vicky Snyder is on a mission to create connection between business owners and the people they look the serve. She does this through weaving stories into marketing messages that leave readers feeling understood and seen. This type of connection leads to more sales for business owners, better results for clients, and a deeper impact on community as a whole. Vicky has lived the past 4 years on Roatan, and island in the Caribbean. She admittedly sometimes misses the cold Canadian winters.


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